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Relationships, achievement and belonging are at the forefront of YMCA Camp Glacier Lake. With these focus' we are able to provide your child the tools to have the best summer ever!


  • Our camp is broken up by units based on school grade level. Within those units, campers are broken up into groups of 15-18 campers. This gives campers the opportunity to meet new friends and build relationships with their counselors and fellow campers that we hope will turn into lifelong friendships.
    • Units are:
      • Cayuga: Kindergarten and First Grade
      • Seneca: Second and Third Grade
      • Onondaga: Fourth and Fifth Grade
      • Daigua: Sixth through Eighth Grade 


  • We have mastery areas staged around our camp where campers have the opportunity to try new things, reach new goals, and meet new friends! Cayuga and Seneca experience all mastery activities to try new things and gain experience! Onondaga and Daigua campers get to choose their mastery activities during the week to give them time to focus in on a favorite or a space they want to try for the first time!
  • Mastery Areas at YMCA Camp Glacier Lake
    • Arts & Crafts: Available for all units.
    • Outdoor Adventure: Available for all units. Experiencing our surroundings in a fun, activity-based messy outdoor classroom.
    • Waterfront: Available for all units. Kayaking, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle Boards and more.
    • Music and Movement: Available for all units. A dance-based music program utilizing all of the classics as well as the modern dance moves the kids are all doing. This Mastery area will have kids up and moving, keeping them active while listening to their favorite songs of today.
    • Archery: Seneca's and up. Campers will learn to shoot a bow and arrow with all kinds of fun activities in the process. 
    • Yoga: Cayuga only. Using a program called Kidding Around Yoga, this specialty area will be great for our Cayuga's to learn a few yoga moves while having fun and evening being loud! This is a unique yoga experience focused on our youngest campers. 


  • We are proud of what Camp Canandaigua has meant to this community. Our counselors and staff have been trained in connecting children to each other while making sure we are meeting the needs of all campers. Our smaller counselor groups will allow kids to become more connected to each other and our camp. They will help us develop new camp traditions and rituals to last forever. We are excited to have our campers help us define what YMCA Camp Glacier Lake will be for many years and many campers to come. 




Additional Information


  • Transportation to and from YMCA Camp Glacier Lake will be available for those who  register for it.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: We offer transportation options to and from the Sands Family YMCA. In  the morning, a bus to Camp will depart at 7:15 am and 8:15 am. In the afternoon, a bus will return to the YMCA at 4:15 pm and 5:15 pm.
  • There will be NO AM or PM care at the YMCA. Please plan on dropping off and picking up your camper at the designated bus time.

Drop off and Pick up

  • Parents can drop off their children directly at YMCA Camp Glacier Lake in Onanda Park starting at 7 am, and pick up from YMCA Camp Glacier Lake no later than 6 pm. 

Partnership with the Town of Canandaigua

  • We are proud to partner with the Town of Canandaigua to offer this exceptional YMCA camp experience at the historic Onanda Park. Town of Canandaigua residents can receive a benefit from this partnership with a discount of $40 per week, per camper, while all campers benefit from the full outdoor summer camp experience where everyone will unplug and connect.


Stay tuned for more information and staffing announcements as we get ready to share more details!