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adults taking part in education class

At the YMCA, we stand firm in our belief and stance of being for all. Our community is better when we all are afforded the opportunities to contribute and work together on a shared vision for the future. That’s why we at the YMCA of Greater Rochester are proud to partner with the Office of Adult Career Educational Services (OACES) to bring English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) classes to the Maplewood Family YMCA.

Classes in partnership with OACES will be offered from 5-8 pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning September 12 in the FunFit room of the Maplewood Branch and are free to attend.

Offering these classes, while new to our Association, is nothing new for the YMCA. In fact, the first organized ESL courses in the country took place at a YMCA. Then, in the early 1900, another YMCA introduced adult night classes to new Americans. We’re looking forward to carrying on a tradition of service dating back more than a century for our organization.

Registration for classes at the YMCA can be done in person, and participants are able to attend when it fits their schedule. For any questions, please contact the Maplewood Branch.