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Rochester, NY – The YMCA of Greater Rochester is pleased to announce a $140,000 gift from POOLCORP, a global distributor of swimming pool equipment, parts and supplies. With their donation, the YMCA can further its mission of making sure all are safe in and around the water.

The first, and biggest, impact this funding will have at the YMCA is allowing us to provide swim lessons to 1,000 youth who might not have the resources or means to do so on their own. In addition to the swim lessons, POOLCORP has provided additional funding for lifeguard training.

“Ensuring that our community has access to this lifelong skill is crucial given our geographical location, being surrounded by water,” said Meghan Angel, Executive Director of the Westside Family YMCA. “It’s equally as crucial to be able to help combat the lifeguard shortages we are seeing throughout the region, to keep our members safe and our pools open.”

POOLCORP believes strongly that everyone deserves the chance to swim, so they created A Splash of Joy, partnering with YMCAs across the country to provide free swimming lessons and lifeguard training in under-served communities. By the end of 2022, POOLCORP will have donated $2.2 million dollars to YMCAs around the Unites States to fund more than 20,000 scholarships for swimming lessons and lifeguard training.

“Through A Splash of Joy, we aim to help keep kids safe, build their confidence and give them the opportunity to experience the joy of swimming,” said Seth Flunder, Regional Manager for POOLCORP. “Our employees donate new swimsuits, towels and other swim gear to help make sure there are no barriers keeping kids from joining in.” 

The YMCA of Greater Rochester is grateful to POOLCORP for their partnership and looking forward to continued partnership in ensuring water safety.

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