Life Fitness Circuit

Life Fitness (LifeFitness) Circuit is designed to help exercisers of every level enjoy strength training and the healthy life that comes with it.

Go through the Life Fitness Circuit with Wellness staff by scheduling a free Wellness Consultation.

Inviting and easy to use, these convenient machines offer simple, enjoyable workouts, and deliver visible results that will inspire you to come back week after week.

Life Fitness Circuit is a complete workout ready to go right from the start. Completing the entire circuit gives the user a full-body workout, covering every major muscle group.

Tracking your workout

Keeping track of your circuit use is now easier than ever. In our app, YMCA of Greater Rochester, you can use the ‘workouts’ feature to keep track of your weights and reps. We already created the circuit as a template, all you need to do is adjust the weight and reps. Learn more about our app.

Or if you prefer pen and paper we have a Life Fitness Tracking Sheet that you can fill out. Just enter your email in the form below and we will email it to you.

Download the Life Fitness Tracking Sheet

Included equipment:

  1. Machine Leg Press
  2. Machine Leg Extension
  3. Machine Seated Leg Curl
  4. Machine Chest Press
  5. Machine Pec Fly (Cam on Top)
  6. Machine Row
  7. Machine Shoulder Press
  8. Machine Lat Pulldown
  9. Machine Arm Curl – Incline
  10. Machine Seated Dip
  11. Machine Abdominal Crunch
  12. Machine Low Back Extension
  13. Machine Hip Adductor*
  14. Machine Hip Abductor*
  15. Machine Glute Kickback*

Below you can view a video demonstration of the exercises and machines.

*Machines only available at Eastside Family YMCA and Westside Family YMCA.

Machine Leg Press

Machine Leg Extension

Machine Seated Leg Curl

Machine Chest Press

Machine Pec Fly (Cam on Top)

Machine Row

Machine Shoulder Press

Machine Lat Pulldown

Machine Arm Curl – Incline

Machine Seated Dip

Machine Abdominal Crunch

Machine Low Back Extension

Machine Hip Adductor*

Machine Hip Abductor*

Machine Glute Kickback*

*Machines only available at Eastside Family YMCA and Westside Family YMCA.