Try It: Aqua Fit

YMCA Staff Shares Experience Trying Group Exercise Classes for the First Time

Hi! I’m Carly. You’ve probably seen me at your Y — working the desk, at your kid’s camp or Before & After School site, or taking a class. Some people can be intimidated taking a class for the first time and I totally get it. We assume we are going to embarrass ourselves doing these new moves in front of new people. But one thing I’ve learned during my time at the Y is members are so helpful to each other!

Yes, people have routines. Members and instructors know who is usually in class, so they might notice someone new. If they ask if this is your first time, most likely their next question is, “Do you need any help?” These ‘regulars’ know where equipment is kept, how to set up and anything else you need to know before you start.

I’ve been with the Y for more than six years and I’ve heard of this Aqua Fit class and seen people in the pool following along an instructor on deck. My first thought is always, “bless this instructor, teaching a class on the hot pool deck.” My next thought is, “these members look like they’re having so much fun!”

After being jealous of these members for six years, I decided to register for my first Aqua Fit class! Is there a reputation for Aqua Fit being only for ‘retirees’ mostly? Yes. Did this deter me? Absolutely not (I’m still in my 20s).

Carly’s Takeaways

Aqua Fit is great for a low-impact workout with lots of variations for whatever level you’re at. For example: if you want less resistance, angle your hands in the water so they go parallel to the bottom of the pool or do the upper body moves above the water. If you want more resistance, move your hands flat through the water perpendicular to the bottom of the pool. There are even water ‘hand weights’ (they’re not actually heavy, they’re made of foam) available that add resistance. The larger the foam, the more resistance you’ll feel. The instructor will give other modifications throughout class to make it work for you!

My personal rule is to take a class three times before I decide if it’s right for me or not. I’ll try different instructors or different times to get a sense of if this is a class I want to add to my routine. I still have two more Aqua Fit classes before I decide, but I have a feeling I’ll be investing in a new workout bathing suit.

I hope this encourages you to try a new class. If you need support, ask a friend to go with you. If you see me at the Y, feel free to ask me to take a class with you – I’m always up for a new challenge 😊

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