Try It: Aqua Yoga


Aqua Yoga… What a peaceful way to start the day!

I (Carly) love yoga and I love being in the water, so I’m glad someone put these together. This is a popular class at our Northwest Family YMCA and I was grateful to have had a spot!

I used to be a competitive swimmer and enjoy swimming laps to work out, so this was a change of pace for me in the pool. I wasn’t watching the clock or adjusting my goggles. I could move slowly and intentionally, feeing the water move in a different way.

Trying to balance in mid-level water was interesting. In some ways ,I felt stable but in other ways I felt wobbly. It’s a different stable vs wobbly feeling than on land since you’re not going to fall straight to the ground if you completely lose balance. The water was a nice safety net in that way.

Aqua Yoga is great if you need a low impact workout. You have control over how much resistance you want or need. Jane (the instructor) was amazing in her cueing, giving alternative moves if you needed to adapt. At times I missed the strength aspect of yoga since I was assisted by the water. It was a give and take.

Overall, I’d certainly take this class again. It was a beautiful wind-down to the week and break in the day. 10/10 would recommend!

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