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Summer Quest will contain lessons in math, literacy, STEM and music. Students will also have 60 minutes of physical activity every day. We are thrilled to continue to expand our Summer Quest Program. We are giving you more control over what your kids are involved in at Summer Quest!

Introducing Quest Tracks! Tracks give your kids the chance to focus on Mind, Body or Spirit each session. Kids select their preferred Quest for each session they attend. MIND: Kids will focus on math, literature, STEM and other areas that help keep minds sharp. BODY: Kids will focus on athletics and nature, allowing them to express their energy and connect with nature. SPIRIT: Kids will get the opportunity to explore through music and art activities all session long.

This program is currently full.


Life 101
Learning life skills

Applied Engineering
Robotics and Manufacturing

Learning about current events and social history

Opportunities to swim in our indoor pool

Learning about reading, comprehension, critical thinking and writing

Learning about logic, math, and numbers

Learning about natural science, mapping, and survival skills

Athletics and Archery
Learning about the human body and different sports

Learning about instruments and music theory

Learning about different types of art