Try It: SilverSneakers® Classic


Carly here again! For my next adventure in our Try It series, I decided to try a class that is offered at almost all of our YMCAs – SilverSneakers® Classic. I joined in one of the classes offered at our Thurston Road YMCA Neighborhood Center. I had heard about the matching shirt colors on certain days at this Y, and it was an honor to be included in Blue Friday! I originally wore my blue Buffalo Bills t-shirt (Go Bills!) but Jean so kindly gifted me one of the Southwest “We’re Back!” shirts. I was so excited to look like a part of the group (I love matching outfits, personally).

The members were all excited to be there as this class is part of their regular routine. They all know each other from the neighborhood and catch up before and after class. You can feel the sense of community when you visit this Y – it’s a true treasure.

This class has such a great mix of strength, cardio and stretching. The movements are slow but intentional, and really makes you feel the targeted muscles. It gives you time to focus on and control your breathing. This class also targets all muscles and joints, from your ankle mobility to your grip strength. You feel stretched and energized by the end of the class!

I’d recommend this class to anyone – of any age or ability – for an intentional, low impact workout!

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